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Mai-Britt Horten

After the construction of log cabin in autumn, we are happy about the result and cooperation with Latlaft. The company's representatives and employees has been professionals and well organized to deal with throughout the whole process. We've got quick feedback on all the questions, changes and adjustments we wanted. We drew even a sketch with measures of how we wanted the cottage and Latlaft architect / draw came with good suggestions for solutions and opportunities. Deliveries and execution was precise according to the work schedule, and all financial transactions have been efficient and unproblematic. We are very pleased with the quality and the end result and would not hesitate to use Latlaft again.

Stale Olsen
Sales director at Follo Hus AS

Ever since we first contacted "Latlaft", we felt that we had a very professional and competent company to deal with. They gave quick feedback on everything we asked for, they listened to our feedback and we got adjusted to the selected cabin model according to our wishes very fast. "Latlaft" have throughout the process kept the limits that have been set. We were fortunate that we could follow the work of the carpenter made during the autumn holiday 2012. The carpenter team emerged as highly skilled and exhibited a high work ethic. On top of everything, the price that we are also very happy with. At the beginning, we contacted a number of Norwegian cottage manufacturers, and none of them could match the price or the speed of "Latlaft".

Ole Per Hustad
90658233 - 91316330

We have been dreaming for long time to own a mountain cabin. It was an expensive dream, until we came across Latlaft who was able to offer a wonderful cottage at a price far below Norwegian suppliers. It was a very pleasant to shop with a neat company. We visited the factory to do the inspection of our cabin and everything was perfect and it was really interesting to see how every detail is produced. The carpenters who set up the cabin in Norway were good, kind and attentive hardworking people. We are super happy. They follow us up afterwards and if there is anything, they come and correct / adjust whatever may be needed. We could not be happier. Thanks to Latlaft who have fulfilled our dream.

Jan Olimb
Executive director at "Elektro firma Gulbrandsen & Olimb" AS

I contacted "Latlaft" by phone and met a very nice representative who told me to send the drawings that I had prepared. I looked over these drawings and gave some remarks and corrections, which I again put the correction on their drawings. They got back to me very quickly and corrected. Based on this drawing, I asked for the price which I got within 1 week of the request. After receiving the price, the contract was sign immediately and production capacity booked. Delivery date and due date was kept as promised. There were four employees and delivery of three trailers that went smoothly. Further on, the log frame was assembled in 3 days. The carpenters who brought up the cabin seem very competent and careful with what they performed. The whole process of construction took only 6 weeks which made a challenge to manage the progress of electricians and the fireplace fitment. If there was something that the carpenters could not answer on the site, it took only a ring to Latvia and everything was clarified. I thank you again for the quick and very pleasant cooperation.

Jostein Thomassen
47 90133520
MSCc, Sales and Market Director

At the start of the process, we had the opportunity to create our own taylor made cabin drawing from our own ideas and needs with a great help from "Latlaft" to visualize this through professional 3D drawings. Further on, the production was professional with agreed inspections twice as well as the quality of materials was according to the standards, demands and specification.The cabin was delivered as agreed, both time wise and quality wise, and our specific carpenter team was very professional and service minded that created a very good relationships with them. Overall, we got an impressive building with a very good ratio of price/value. Needed adjustments during guarantee period has been performed as well.

Øivind Bergstrand
+47 90081005
General manager ART-Gruppen AS

"Latlaft" has provided a cabin 100% to the specification and the contract. We feel that the price and value has met our rather high expectations. Quality and materials have been superb throughout. The carpenter team worked really hard, and the key issue during the building phase was to coordinate "Latlaft" team and other workforce from various electricians, plumbers etc. which was managed professionally. The management of "Latlaft" have throughout the process done exactly what was contracted, and been very helpful when things have occurred. We are very happy with the cabin and all aspects of our contact with "Latlaft" have been pleasant.

Jim Berg
+47 91 51 07 17
AOCM i Omega Subsea and Technip Norge.

After a tour in the factory and the office it was quite clear that this was a company that has built up a solid experience / expertise in log cabins and houses. They also had a focus on HSE for the carpenters who worked in production, this was also important for us and we were quickly convinced that this was our supplier. After "a few rounds" with architect our dream cottage and price was ready and the contract signed. We booked the cabin with "premium package" including hand forged door handles, exterior copper fittings, wider moldings, custom-made oak flooring etc, we also ordered furniture: handmade aging painted kitchen, bath room furnishings, beds with drawers, bedside table and wardrobe. The four carpenters who arrived to build our cabin did an amazing job, we could not ask for better workers. We had several professionals who were doing inspection on–site during the construction process and everyone was very pleased with what they could see, even after the cabin was completed several professionals visited and all of them have complimented the quality of materials and details of the craft and furniture. I recommend Latlaft as a supplier of either cabin or furniture.

Tor Olav Bjoraa
47 90192344
Self employed

Already in the beginning of the process I could see that "Latlafts'" organization was professional. They responded quickly and also in an understandable way to any requests for both technical and commercial questions. The value for money aspect is non disputable as the delivery of the product holds a very high quality, and prices are of the best obtainable in Europe. When it came to the building process we saw a dedicated and skilled building team, where each had their own special strength, but at the same time where able to cover each others skills. Some may think the transport and import could be a challenge, but "Latlaft" showed professionalism in the way they handle their paperwork and logistics.

Jens Petter Elnæs
+47 906 53 337

Building experience with company Latlaft has been excellent. This applies to the price, service, punctuality and quality of the work performed. Assembling team just did amazing job with my cabin. In five weeks they fully finished a cabin and my garage with excellent quality. All our questions and wishes have been answered and addressed immediately. We were also particularly pleased with the architect here in Norway who helped us with all building paperwork and accounting firm that took care of importation papers. Great help with at little cost! We recommend Latlaft to everyone we know!

Bent Sigbjørn Sæther
Building engineer

At the beginning, we had not really decided on the supplier of our new house, but then we saw an advertisement on "Hyttemagasinet" by "Latlaft" and were curious. After contacting them and a subsequent meeting, we decided to switch the supplier. We have never regretted it. Project phase, the construction process and the result has been positive "journey" to make the dream of a log house realized. Based on our experience with "Latlaft", we have no hesitation in recommending this supplier of log cabins.