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Direct contact with the supplier

Building a cabin for the first time can seem like a confusing and complicated process, but with our help and guidance, you will soon discover that it can be well organized and enjoyable.

Taking contact directly with the supplier will reward you with several advantages:

• Fast and efficient communication

• Full responsibility by the supplier

• Competitive price

All you have to do is send us a request!  

Complete technical drawings free of charge

In order to make the next step in the process, a drawing of your dream cabin will be developed.

Sources of cabin drawings:
- Standard model from our catalogue
- Standard model from our catalogue with your modifications
- Your own unique drawing

Our full time architect will draw, make modifications or changes until the drawing has completely fulfilled your expectations and needs.

As a result, you will receive a full set of technical drawings that correspond to the building application requirements as well as the construction process.

Complete and competitive price offer

Once the drawing of your cabin is completed, the price offer will be provided shortly after.

The price offer will include detailed description of the materials offered as well as the fixed price for each specific part of the total offer.

The price offer will clearly indicate what is not included in the offer so that the customer can calculate the total expenses of the project.


If the price offer is accepted and a positive decision is taken, a contract will be developed.

The contract will be strictly based on the fixed price offer, presenting the same specification, this way eliminating any hidden or additional costs to the customer.

As the contract is signed, a specific production period for your cabin will be assigned in the production plan.

Selection and preparation of logs

Careful selection and preparation of logs is a key factor for sustainable log cabin quality that will last for centuries.

The process starts with selecting a slow growing pine logs over 100 years of age that meet the strict criteria:
- Minimum of 70% heartwood
- No left twist
- No blue stain
- Harvested during the winter

Then, the logs are debarked, precut and stored in cross-stacks for slow and natural drying process.

Timber drying process

Additional drying of the timber is performed in the most modern and technology advanced kiln.

Controlled by the computer, it allows managing the drying process according to the highest industry standards and slowly dry the timber until the moisture content drops below 20%.

A natural drying process is imitated this way preventing the logs from large cracks.

As a result, outstanding quality logs are ready for the production process.

Hand crafted

“Latlaft” is one of the few companies left in the market that still are producing log cabins in the traditional way – by hands, using hand tools as mush as possible. All production takes place in one factory, in one of the 5 hangars with total area of 4000m2. A yearly capacity of 40 cabins is achieved by employing 35 skilled carpenters.

Specification of materials

• Detailed material specification is described under section “Specification” and is fully listed in the sales contract

• Only certified materials and suppliers are used, with respect of Norwegian style and traditions

• All materials can be inspected in our factory during the inspection visit by the customer

Full spectrum of service

Many customers don’t have time or willingness to fully participate in the project development; therefore we offer full service starting from developing the drawings and applying for building permissions until assembling the furniture in your newly finished cabin.

Legal legislation

Our main intention is to make our customers feel as safe as possible with their purchase, therefore we have acquired:

Legal entity in Norway – “LATLAFT BYGG” (NUF)

Godkjent for Ansvarsrett (UTF)

ID cards and insurance for all workers

“Gjensidige” project insurance during the construction period

Commercial insurance for factory premises

Professional teams

• In total 7 teams with 4 carpenters in each team

• Each team has a English speaking team leader for communication with the client

• All carpenters are highly knowledgeable in the log cabin building sector and have experience of at least 7 years

• Bonus system based on evaluation from the customer to ensure the customer oriented service from the team

Process described

One-month prior the assembly start, the customer will be provided with detailed construction plan including the list of tasks to be performed, the time frame, as well as involvement schedule for the third parties like electrician, plumber etc.

After sales service

• User’s manual of the cabin is provided

• One year inspection is performed after the cabin is finished

• 5 year guarantee period according to Norwegian legislation

• Maintenance works will be performed even after the guarantee period

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